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Pakistani Caucus Elects Directors for 2013-14

Pakistani American Caucus at Michigan Democratic Party held their general body meeting on March 19, at Grape Leaves Restaurant, Oak Park, MI. In this meeting they elected their directors for2013 -2014.

Following are the elected directors (in alphabetic order)

Ijlal Ali
Mohammad Anwar
Ata Arain
Amin Hashmi
Syed A. Hussain
Abid Jamil
Abid Khan
Faiz M. Khan
Rubab Khan
Nizamuddin Mohammad
Shariq Sajjad
Muhammad Zahid

PACMDP requesting the community to get involved. In order get on emailing distribution,

Please send your email to faizmkhan51@gmail.com. Or write to PACMDP, P.O. box 252501, W. Bloomfield, MI 48325. Or visit www.pacmdp.com



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