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Palmyra Mosque Opens Doors

PALMYRA, NJ–The Islamic Center of South Jersey opened its door to the community to reassure them that the centr’s teachings didn’t play any role in the alleged terrorist plot. 4 men recently arrested for allegedly plotting an attack on Fort Dix are reported to have attended the mosque.

“We are here so we can provide information about Islam, about Muslims and about us,” said Rafey Habib, a trustee at ISCJ and a literature professor at Rutgers University.

“I’m very proud to be here and I’m very proud that this center is in our community,” said U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews, D-Haddon Heights. “We’re here tonight because this is a place where peace is taught. We are united by a common desire that the peaceful practices that we heard tonight be truly a practice, not just an aspiration.”

Afsheen Shamshi of the NJ Council on American-Islamic Relations, said last week’s arrest of six area men authorities described as “radical Islamists” led to a surge in instances of discrimination and harassment of Muslims, especially women.

A Passaic County woman was allegedly harassed on the street and a man was charged Tuesday with punching a Muslim woman in the face in Fairfield.

“I’m telling you about these stories because I want you to understand the fear that we live with every day,” Shamshi said. Donald Simpson of Moorestown said he was there to learn.

“I know very little about the Quran and I know very little about Muslims,” Simpsons said. “This is first chance I’ve had to learn.”


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