Reader Submitted Poetry

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Reader Submitted Poetry

Endless Hallway

Trying to find my way out of this endless hallway
Try to look back but there’s no way
I feel like I’m trapped up in a huge box
There’s keys filled on the ground but no locks
There’s no ceiling but just a whole bunch of ropes
Now I’m getting the feeling that I’m starting to lose hope
There’s stars but no sky
Why, out of all of the people in this world it’s me, why
So I will savor my hours and watch my days devour
Until then, why is it me why
Guten tag , salaam , and goodbye

The inside of YOU

Everything you touch it breaks,
Everything you see it shakes,
Everything you hear it burns,
Everything you smell it bursts,
You can’t even touch or see anything,
Is there a monster inside of you or is there a
monster inside of everything.
You shatter everything you hear and smell,
You make things go the opposite of well.
You even tried to touch my heart and look what happened to me,
Was it you or did I turn into everything.

By an eleven-year-old sixth grader, Iman Khanani


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