Salute to Our Graduates:

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Salute to Our Graduates:

By Dr. A. S. Nakadar

The celebrations for new graduates are in full swing. And why not, it is a proud moment for the family and the community. They deserve our heartiest congratulations.

Parents will remember the days when they were so keen to get them to learn to talk, and now they can’t stop them from talking—especially on their demands.

Well, you have come a long way—we applaud your accomplishments. We salute you today for reaching this point. You are our hope and our future.

Your commencement defines your passage to the next phase in your life. Your start to life’s mysterious journey. The task has just begun and you have long way to go.

The next defining moment will be your four years of college that will lay the foundation for your career. It will remain with you for the rest of your life.

During this college defining period you will face two choices. One choice will be to do whatever you want to under the guise of enjoyment, and squander four yours. The second choice will be to work hard, study hard and make the best use of these college years to acquire knowledge—enjoyment will be a part of your relaxation only.  

In both instances you will receive your bachelor’s degree, but there will be a stark difference between the two.

In the first instance you will enjoy now but pay for it later. In the second instance you will pay now but enjoy later. The choice is yours.

This is especially true in this competitive world where there are now new sets of standards. One is that you have to perform better if not best in whatever you do. Just being good is not good enough. Try to be best, but no less than better.

Develop a positive attitude and be self-confident. No matter what you do, have a positive attitude, even in adverse situations, and remember; no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

When you decide to do something in your life, you must persevere, no matter how hopeless it seems at times. Believe in what you do, remain true to it; you will surmount every difficulty that comes in the way.

Set high goals for yourself and pursue them with cheer and vigor. While pursuing your goals don’t be afraid of making mistakes. If you fall remember what made you fall, pick up yourself and start. Remind your self of these mistakes as a learning experience. The only mistakes that are unforgivable are those we repeat.

While pursuing your objectives you will face many challenges: Challenges are opportunities in disguise. Unknown challenges are frightening, but the one you meet and conquer provides you an opportunity to rise higher and higher with self confidence.

And when success touches your feet, be sure to remember those who are behind. Extend your helping hand to the less fortunate.

Base your success and actions on your spiritual morality, without which no matter what you achieve or how high you climb the ladders, one day it will crumble.

Nurture this moral compass, keep it polished and shinning, so that it continues to shine through you.

You all are unique in your own way. Don’t compare yourself to others and shrink at the reflection. And what you do with your uniqueness will determine how and where you will carry yourself in the days ahead. So stand with confidence and humility of spirit.

Keep moving forward, taking each step with all the energy you can muster. Always keep in mind that you are what you are, nothing more nothing less, but you are different.

Aim high, have lofty goals and soar like eagles. Nurture such spirits. As you move forward continue to reflect on your aspirations, ambitions and your vision.

We have full confidence in you. One day you will rise to such heights that your family, your community and your country will be proud of you.


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