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Tawheed Center Hifz Program and Construction Update

By Adil James, MMNS

P1207859 Farmington–January 20–The Tawheed Center in Farmington Hills (at 9 Mile and Middlebelt) has made large strides in its construction project. 

Last winter the work stopped with the first floor walls complete and not much more–since then two floors have been constructed with a roof–the building physically looks like a mosque, unlike how it was before; now it is complete with classrooms and more. 

The building is not complete.  “We are short about $150,000,” explains one of Tawheed Center’s trustees, Asim Khan. So, the Tawheed Center is planning a fundraiser in April or May to collect the $150,000 necessary to complete the project which is a beautiful effort both to make a viable mosque where many prayers and services are performed for the local Muslim community, and also where students can be educated at a level competitive with all of the local schools, religious or secular.

Presently the mosque is installing the HVAC system and construction crews from HVAC installers are present at the mosque.

In other matters, the hifz program at the school is progressing with full power–the mosque activities have expanded greatly and therefore the center hired Mufti Akram to teach the students in the hifz program.

A fifth student completed his memorization and graduated only last month, leaving now approximately 12 students who continue to memorize and also complete their secular education.

The students are competing favorably upon reentry into their extremely competitive local schools, with the great baraka of also having become hafiz Qur`an.
The center’s other educational programs also continue.  The Sunday School just had its midterms on the 18th.

To support the construction, or to enroll your children in the hifz program or Sunday School, or if you are interested in any of the Tawheed Center programs, please contact Mr. Asim Khan, 313-506-3215.


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