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Dearborn’s 13th Annual Arab American International Festival Rained Out

P6217218 Dearborn–June 21–Thunderstorms seemingly came from nowhere on Saturday in Dearborn, soaking or chasing away many of the customers who had come not only from Dearborn but also from farther afield, intending to bask in the summer Arab festival which is anxiously awaited by many Muslims and Arabs in the Detroit area.

The festival was as it has been for the previous three years, other than the thunderstorm which struck at about 1:30pm Saturday.

Vendors were on hand from major local businesses, the army, national guard, P6217246intelligence services, local mosques, and several Arab ethnic organizations, each paying about $500 to have a booth at the festival.

Mohamed Abueida of Scada Systems, an international company based in Abu Dhabi which sells closed-circuit cameras of all types, said he had maintained a booth at the festival for the last 3 years, and said, attending the festival has “worked really good with our community–60% of our business is with the Arab community.” 

Another booth, that of the Young Muslims Association (YMA) affiliated with Ford road’s Islamic Center of America, was staffed by Mariam Zaiat.  She explained,  “We cater to the youth; we’re here to answer questions as well, but not necessary to get caught up in debates.”

P6217237 Perhaps 75% of the vendors were at the event for non-financial reasons, whether for recruiting, da’wah for varying organizations,  or even to promote the dietary benefits of the sunnah of eating honey.

In addition there were about 10 different food vendors, selling halal hot dogs and shawarma, french fries, and much P6217282more.  There were rides including a roller coaster and other speed rides of different kinds.

All-day all-ride passes were available for $20 per person. Plan a visit next year with your children, and pray for good weather!


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