Karbala, A Reminder

Photo Credit: Davoud Ghahrdar by Suraiya Ali There is a story of Karbala that everyone knows. There is a story of a man who was connected to divinity There is a story of a m

Iraq Takes Full Control of Kirkuk, Peshmerga React

by Aysha Qamar Earlier this week, the Iraqi army stated it has taken full control of Kirkuk, including the city’s airport and oil field, following a major advance on Kurdish-he

World Leaders Condemn Mogadishu Bombings

by Rehan Qamar World leaders from all regions including the United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Canada and France have condemned the weekend truck bombing in the Somali capita

Mogadishu Bombing: Deadliest Attack in Decades

by Rehan Qamar “Aamin ambulance service was established in 2008 and we have never seen such devastation. Not even in our dreams,” Abdulkadir Abdirahman, director of Mogadishu'

Going Grain or Gluten Free: Passing Fad or Truly Health Revolutionary?

by Noor H. Salem You pass by the bread aisle and see gluten-free bread, discover gluten-free crust on the menu of your favorite pizza and salad shop or hear your best friend talk

27th AFMI International Convention in Chicago 2017

by TMO Staff The American Federation of Muslims of Indian origin (AFMI) held its 27th annual convention in Chicago, IL on October 7.  It was a great gathering of intellectu

Comedy for a Cause: Refugee Relief Tour raises over $50,000

by: Jasmine Hasni Henderson Outreach and Communications Coordinator ICNA Relief- Muslim Family Services, Detroit MI ICNA Relief USA – Muslim Family Services held a Comedy event

Sitti Soap: Spreading Hope Through Soap

By Trisha Sales Established in 1968 as a result of the Arab-Israeli war, Jerash Camp is locally known as Gaza camp in Jordan. According to the United Nations Refugee Relief and Wo

Muslims aren’t the problem. Yet why are they the only “terrorists”?

by Tina Lapsia First came President Trump’s 'Muslim' travel ban, issued with a statement “We don’t want ‘em [Muslims] here.” Nine months later, a white man unleashed ha

Homemade High-Protein Energy Bites

by Noor H. Salem While it’s essential that you consume an adequate amount of protein for optimum health, especially when working out-many protein bars come along with unwanted

Healthy Eating While Building Muscle

by Noor H. Salem You look around and see billboards, commercials, and online advertisements of body builders and athletes consuming protein shakes, protein bars and even products

Stress: More Harmful Than You Can Comprehend

by Noor H. Salem Stress: something you can undoubtedly relate to in some shape or form. Whether it’s being an on-the-go soccer mom or the pile of tasks only growing on your des

The Worst Act of Domestic Terrorism in US History

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah It was a peaceful night in Las Vegas. The strip- the mile long road that has the most casinos and hotels- was as busy as ever and Sunday traffic to Arizona,

Moore Wins Alabama GOP Primary

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Roy Moore the staunch opponent of a Plural and Secular America wins Alabama GOP Primary He claims he upholds the US constitution, yet he defies its principl

The Martyrdom of Imam Hussein

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Muharram, the 10th of the Islamic calendar brings out fissures in the Muslim community. Its a day when a segment of Muslims mourn the martyrdom of Imam

Sexual Harassment in Religious Institutions

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Every time someone brings up an accusation pertaining to sexual harassment against a prominent religious figure, regardless of his or her faith, people in ge

Reflection: On My Knees

by Dr. Mike Ghouse Kaepernick is my hero, I pray for Trump and may God save the American Flag and for what it stands for; Freedom. Every time I see the flag, I say a short prayer

Saudi Arabia Lifts Driving Ban on Women

by Aysha Qamar A royal decree has been issued by Saudi Arabia, that will allow women in the country to drive, the Saudi Foreign ministry said Tuesday on its official Twitter acco

Muslim activism Leads to Progress with Google Search

by Tina Lapsia We all know that Islamophobia is a rampant issue in this country, especially as seen by the discriminatory rhetoric and legislation advanced by President Trump and

First Hollywood Asian Muslim Female Director Releases: The Tiger Hunter

Photo Courtesy of The Tiger Hunter LLC by TMO Staff Lena Khan is a United States born American-Indian Muslim writer and director. Her first feature film, The Tiger Hunter will be

Riz Ahmed: First Asian and First Muslim Actor to Win Emmy

by Aysha Qamar Everyone is talking about the 69th annual Emmy Awards- where two Muslims took the stage. It was an unheard of sight for many to see two Muslim men, on prime-time t

Pressure Mounts on Myanmar to Stop Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya Muslims

Featured Image Credit: Adam Dean/The New York Times by TMO Staff They came out in- London, Toronto, Ottawa, New York, Washington, Houston, Arlington, Denver, Birmingham, Tol

The Russian and the US Religious Right Axis

  by Dr. Aslam Abdullah It was a sensational revelation yet, it could not generate enough discussion even among those who were directly affected by the disclosure. Faceboo

Muslims at the Forefront of Relief Work

by Aisha Asif Media Director at ICNA Relief When Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005 breaking away the levees and unleashing destruction at a level not seen before, it was then th

Orlando Mosque Welcomes Hurricane Irma Evacuees

by Aysha Qamar While many worshipping and religious houses closed their doors to avoid Hurricane Irma destruction, Tariq Rasheed, the imam of the Islamic Center of Orlando, opene