Look at November 2016 Elections: Voting is Indeed Crucial

Beyond Photoops: APPAC Look at November 2016 Elections: Voting is Indeed Crucial by Ilyas Choudry “Photos with US and International Political & Other Leaders have be

Texan Muslims Creating Lasting Relationships

By TMO staff The Muslim community of the Dallas Fort Worth Area presented a check of $20,000 to the Mayor of the City of Richardson and to the Police Chief of the Richardson Polic

Trump fires Rex Tillerson, Replaces him with CIA Director

by TMO Staff Mornings in Washington, D.C. are never quiet, but this morning on the 13th of March there was a loud shock that took place. President Trump fired now former Secretary

UN chief calls for an end to the Syrian people’s ‘suffering’

by Aysha Qamar The United Nations Secretary-General has urged Security Council members to "end the suffering" of residents in Syria, as the US threatened to "act if we must" as

Elections Have Consequences

by Azher Quader  How often are we told that elections have consequences? Yet how often do we ignore that statement  not realizing the many ways they can impact us. Sadly that re

Mouth-Watering Pomegranate Smoothie

by Noor H. Salem Last column, we’ve discussed the incredible health benefits that pomegranate holds, for your physical and mental health alike. Pomegranates are loaded with ant

Holocaust Museum Revokes Award to Aung San Suu Kyi

by Aysha Qamar Earlier this month, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum announced it was revoking the prestigious Elie Wiesel Award granted to Suu Kyi in 2012. According to the Muse

The Benefit of Evil

by Haroon Imtiaz If God is all good, all-powerful, and so merciful, then why does suffering persist in the world? Why does God not exercise his great love and mercy upon us in a w

Jewish Voice for Peace challenge AIPAC

by Rabbi Joseph Government Affairs Minister The AIPAC Policy Conference is in full swing, and a major policy priority will be infringing on your right to free speech by lobbying

Justice collapsed: Anti-Muslim racists take law into their own hands

Justice collapsed: Anti-Muslim racists take law into their own hands By Latheef Farook What had happened in Digana on Sunday 4 March 2018 was a crime committed on an innocent S

UN States: War criminals would be brought to Justice

By TMO Staff War crimes, potentially crimes against humanity, are likely being committed in east Ghouta and elsewhere in Syria, and the United Nations human rights chief warned on

Anti Muslim Hate Groups are backed by the Republicans in Idaho

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah In the last week of  February the House in Idaho voted 44-24 in favor of HB 419, Rep. Eric Redman’s anti-Sharia law bill, to forbid the recognition of any

Small Team, Mighty Results: Outreach Team Changed Thousands of Lives

by Noor H. Salem You pick up your phone to check the weather before heading out to work in the morning, and use it to direct you around when construction detours hit. In the even

Noor’s Rainbow Chickpea Salad Recipe

by Noor H. Salem  In my last post, we covered the importance of eating a rainbow, from nature that is. My Rainbow Chickpea Salad isn’t only pleasing to the eye, but also ext

Eat the Rainbow: Vital Nutrients Your Body Needs

by Noor H. Salem You may have heard a similar phrase to “eating the rainbow” from a popularly-consumed candy that is bursting with eye-catching colors. Essentially however, a

Does America Love Guns More Than It Values Lives?

By TMO Staff After the School shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting in Florida, the Nation is faced with looking at itself in the mirror and ask itself what re

Prime Minister and London Mayor Take Part in Visit My Mosque Day

Press Release from Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Prime Minister Theresa May, Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London and Andy Street joined tens of thousands of visitors at

Islamic Ethics, Praxis, and Spirituality

By Imam Dr Ahcmet Salie In Islam, ethics, praxis, family, and spirituality are sanctuaries. The moral mission of our exemplar (uswatun ?asanah), the Prophet Muhammad (peace be wit

Palestinian State must be created to resolve conflict, UN debates

By TMO Staff After over a century of hostilities including 50 years of continued military occupation, Israelis and Palestinians are still no closer to peace, a United Nations sp

How much Does the Gun Lobby pay to buy the silence of people’s representatives?

By: TMO Staff Gun rights groups overwhelmingly supported GOP candidates, contributing $5.9 million in to Republican campaigns in the 2016 election cycle, compared with $106,000 t

Anti-Muslim protests Shut Down Winter Olympics prayer room

by Aysha Qamar The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has cancelled plans for a mobile prayer room in Gangneung for tourists at the 2018 Winter Olympics after strong opposition b

AFMI’s 26th Annual Convention Heralds New Dawn in Education

by Mohammed Ayub Khan JODHPUR, INDIA--The American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin (USA & Canada) held its 26th Annual International Convention and Gala Awards Ceremony

Asylum seekers are sexully harassed, says the UN Refugee agency

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Asylum seekers are reporting sexual harassment and violence at some sub-standard reception centres on Greek islands – where even bathing during the daytime

Violence Soars in Syria, Urgent Action is needed.

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah United Nations Secretary General António Guterres has called for an immediate and unconditional de-escalation of violence in Syria as civilians in the war-t

World failing to stop the war on children

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Describing January as “a dark month” in crisis-torn Middle East and North Africa, the United Nations Children’s Fund   director for the region said re