Second Jewish State in Germany?

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Second Jewish State in Germany?

CAIRO — An Israeli journalist is campaigning to establish a second state for the Jews in Germany, reported Haaretz on Saturday, July 14.

“I’m going to convince the Germans that a Jewish state here is to their benefit,” said Ronen Eidelman, a master’s degree student at an art university in Weimar.

Eidelman, who is working for the Maariv newspaper, is planning to turn his campaign into a political movement.

“As of now, it is still an art project because it’s in the idea stage, but the goal is certainly to become a political movement,” said Eidelman.

“I’m very serious about the process and what it does, which is make people ask questions [as well as] create a dialogue and conflict.”

Eidelman’s campaign echoes similar calls for establishing a Jewish state in Europe and the US.

Author Michael Chabon has called for creating a Jewish state in Alaska.

Author Dudu Busi has also pondered why a slice of German territory was not allocated for Jewish settlement following the World War II.

Former Knesset speaker Avraham Burg also called for a Jewish return en masse to Germany.

“It’s sitting there in the collective subconscious,” Eidelman said.
“It’s like it’s in the air.”

New Israel

Eidelman is planning a rally on June 22 in Weimar, in the east German state of Thuringia, to rally support for his campaign.

“The state of Thuringia is becoming more empty of people, the economy is not successful, and there is no immigration,” he said.

“They’re hurting from the fact that there are no foreigners here. Hitler’s dream of racially pure states has proven to be a nightmare.”

Israel was established on the rubble of Palestine in 1948.

On April 18, 1948, Palestinian Tiberius was captured by Menachem Begin’s Irgun militant group, putting its 5,500 Palestinian residents in flight. On April 22, Haifa fell to the Zionist militants and 70,000 Palestinians fled.

On April 25, Irgun began bombarding civilian sectors of Jaffa, terrifying the 750,000 inhabitants into panicky flight.

On May 14, the day before the creation of Israel, Jaffa completely surrendered to the much better-equipped Zionist militants and only about 4,500 of its population remained.



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