Simon Cowell to Become Muslim?

Adapted by TMO from a report in Sabili, an Indonesian newspaper

simon New news from America, that artist and tycoon Simon Cowell might convert to Islam.

The rumor is that before marrying his girlfriend Mezhgan Hussainy he wants to convert to Islam according to a report.

The Hussainy family is reportedly very Westernized, but nobody in their families ever married a non-Muslim – and they do not want their youngest daughter to be the first to do that, as quoted from ‘ from sources Hussainy parents, Mary and Sayed. Hussainy’s sister-in-law, a woman named Erlene Garcia, also converted to Islam before marrying Mezhgan’s brother Zahid.

According to friends, ‘Mezhgan was very reluctant to ask Simon to Islam … because she knows how to be a controversial news will be.

“Simon may be a great man in England, but there are other people in the Afghan community living in Los Angeles whose parents are more afraid to offend. This will bring shame on their families and their communities if Simon does not respect their beliefs with Islam, “says a friend of Mezhgan’s. (voai / SBL)


3 replies
  1. Erlene Garcia
    Erlene Garcia says:

    In response to the Simon Cowell, April 15, 2010 article printed in ” The Muslim Observer ” . I , Erlene Garcia did not convert to Muslim before marrying … Ahmad Wahid Hussainy. Five years into the marriage we decided to renew our wedding vowes, where I was gifted with a Koran. Later, the non practicing Muslim Ahmad Wahid Hussainy proceeded to … The Sherman Oaks, CA Police Department & Paramedics suggested he be admitted to the Sherman Oaks, CA Hosipital …. At that time, I decided to no longer embrace the Muslim Religion.

  2. Erlene Garcia
    Erlene Garcia says:

    ” The Muslim Observer ” magazine has refused to print my full statement in reguard to Ahmad Wahid Hussainy. I find their journalism one sided.

  3. TMO
    TMO says:

    We printed the part of Ms. Garcia’s statement that was relevant to her own interests, and did not print the part of her statement that concerned another person, the information which we would have to verify before printing.