Submissions Policies

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Submissions Policies

Submissions Policies


We do not pay the writers of unsolicited articles.


We may substantially edit articles to conform to our own standards of quality, brevity, clarity, meaning and flow, including possibly substantial shortening. We may change the title. We cannot give the article back to you for you to check our edits after we have edited it. Although you agree we may edit your article it is possible that we will print it as-is; but of course this does not waive our right to edit future submissions from you or others.


We receive many submissions but print few–depending on the amount of content we have for our paper we may refuse to print articles even if they are of excellent quality. We will likely not publish articles that have been widely circulated elsewhere. We of course maintain the right to exclude articles that for any reason we do not wish to print–if the article is in our view offensive, especially if it is offensive to Islam or to any other religious group it is unlikely that we will print it. We keep track of people who submit anti-Muslim articles and we cooperate with law enforcement and other organizations to eliminate hate speech.


By submitting an article to us you are confirming that you are the writer of the article and are granting us a license to reprint it in print, email, and on our website, and through other means not yet determined, and giving us the right to store the article on our website or however we wish to do so, indefinitely (if you wrote it then in fact you already have automatic copyright rights–our issue is just that you must have written it yourself).


If you submit photos, drawings, or other materials to us they become our property and we cannot guarantee that we will return them; although if you want us to return them we will make an effort to do so, we will not be responsible for materials submitted to us and then lost.

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