Sweetness of Salah Seminar Comes to Canton

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Sweetness of Salah Seminar Comes to Canton

By Noor H. Salem, TMO


On Saturday, September 28th, over one hundred people gathered for the “Sweetness of Salah” Seminar in Canton, Michigan. Dr. Farhan AbdulAzeez presented once again, a daylong seminar on attaining peace and tranquility in one’s prayers.

Dr. Farhan has been doing his Sweetness of Salah seminars in different cities across the country. Last May the seminar was in Dearborn, MI but despite that- hundreds came out to attend this one in Canton. Not even a month ago, Dr. Farhan thought he’d try a Sweetness of Hajj seminar as a means to teach people necessary facts and prepare them for the hajj coming up.

“Salah” means “prayer” in the Arabic language, and Muslims know this is the first thing they will be asked about in terms of worship. The seminar was deep, heart-touching, and life changing. Dr. Farhan was not joking when he said that prayer will be looked at differently after the seminar.  Instead of making it a habit, Dr. Farhan teaches ways to focus on one’s prayers and enjoy the time praying instead of rushing through it to get to something else. The seminar is meant to find the sweetness in the action of praying. The routine to pray, dua’a recited in certain positions, and extra reward opportunities were all discussed.

For more information about the seminar or to watch the lecture series check out: sweetnessofsalah.com.


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