“Tablighi Jammat”

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“Tablighi Jammat”

By Mamdud Ahmed

“This Ummah (nation of Muslims) of Prophet Muhammad (s) is trying to fly with one wing. Each individual of this Ummah needs to do his or her own personal ibadat (worship), as well as giving da’wah, constituting the two wings of every Muslim.” These personal lines, more or less, were said by the Amir of a jammat that were spending their 40 days, striving in the path of Allah Ta’Ala, to make known to the locality they visited the commands of Allah Ta’ala as shown by best of messengers, Muhammad (s).

“The success of this life and the life hereafter depends only on following the commandments of Allah Ta’ala as shown by Muhammad (s).” This was the announcement made after the fardh salah of salatul Maghrib was offered, announcing to those present that there will be a short program (aa’maal) taking place, and that all brothers are requested to participate. I decided to stay, to hear what was so important that they needed to make an announcement about it beforehand.

Before I knew, I was amazed by the brief lecture given by the Amir of the jammat. He made it known how we all need to bring the full certainty that Allah Ta’ala is the doer, the King of all Kings, the Ar-Razzaq, the sustainer of all His creation. All that we can see and cannot perceive is dependent on Allah Ta’ala and He is free of all needs, worthy of all praise. Hearing these words echoing in my ears continuously allowed me to ponder over the greatness of Allah Ta’ala. How He is the Creator of all that is around us, and how to Him is our final return. These words allowed me to reflect on how my life had been spent thus far, and if it was on the right course towards true success. 

Living in this world, striving for the fame and glory of this world leads one to lose his or her soul to this world. This person becomes a slave to this world, instead of a person striving for their hereafter, the eternal living. I have personally noticed how my life is spent on a regular basis, where many moments are given concern to materialism rather than the life hereafter. This is also very common in this day and age many problems have become rampant in the life of Muslims and non-Muslims. Many natural disasters have come about; many lives are taken by each day through various reasons. Why? Why all these events taking place all of a sudden? The best answer that I was able to conceive was that, Allah Ta’ala, because of His ultimate mercy and compassion towards His creation, is giving each and every single one of us signs that we must comprehend and take heed towards before time runs out! Allah Ta’ala wants our lives to be devoted to Him in accordance to the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (s).
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