4th of July Picnic at Bloomfield Muslim Unity Center

By TMO Stringer

Bloomfield Hills–July 4–A yearly picnic at the BMUC was well attended with 300 to 400 people enjoying the halal hotdogs, bounce house for children, and tasty Middle Eastern barbecue fare.

Mostly this event is a simple annual picnic, with not much in the way of speeches or other fanfare.  In fact, according to Mouhib Ayas of the BMUC, many of the BMUC families are in fact visiting their home countries during the summer break so in fact the mosque’s social group is in a state of near hibernation during the summer.

The food at the picnic was truly excellent, with hotdogs, hummus, kabobs, baklava, and of course watermelon and soda, all under tents set out between the mosque and the small forest that lies behind it.