Salute to All Houstonian Pakistanis for Being Philanthropic Despite Recession

$210,000+ Raised at DIL Event


DIL Houston Chapter Board Members including Dr. Umair Shah, Dr. Tauseef Salma, Salma Siddiqi, Neelofur Ahmad, Aquila Chawdhary, & Uzma Bawkher, At Annual Gala Dinner Omni Hotel Houston…

Houston, Texas: “President Obama during his intended visit to Pakistan should be taken to a DIL’s school, and said this is an institution to combat the enemy of Pakistan, that starts with ‘I’; and when he will ask is it India, we should say No: It is Illiteracy.”

These were the words of the inspiration keynote speaker Dr. Azra Raza as the Annual Fundraising Gala of Developments In Literacy (DIL), as this past weekend at this event, DIL raised more than $210,000, when their target was $161,000. Earlier the weekend before the last one, almost $400,000 were raised by “TCF”, when target was $250,000. Majority of these donors are from the Houstonian Pakistani community.

Our media would like to salute all the Houstonian Pakistani Community for being big hearted, as they have poured their hearts out and given their hard earned money for the causes to improve true literacy in Pakistan, despite the ongoing difficult economic times.

Attorney Noami Hussain and Kamila Hussain, being the Diamond Sponsors, were the major underwriter of the Annual Gala of DIL. Host of the evening was Dr. Umair Shah, while Guest of Honor was Congressman AL Green and Keynote Inspirational Speaker was Dr. Azra Raza, Professor of Medicine at Columbia University, New York.

At this DIL-Houston’s sold-out gala at the Omni Westside Hotel, the goal was to support the annual educational costs for 2011 students in DIL schools in Pakistan ($160,880). Not only did the goal was achieved, but well-exceeded with $210,000 being raised – good enough to educate 2011 students and then some for a year. This was DIL’s highest collection total to date and could not have done it without all of DIL’s friends and supporters, who helped achieve this remarkable number.

An exceedingly valued leader in enlightening reforms in Pakistan, DIL has been renovating the lives of disadvantaged children since 1997. DIL’s model of transforming the features of education in Pakistan include: Teach, train, & coach 17,000 children (67% girls); Administer 150 progressing schools, where less fortunate students achieve more thriving & safe potentials; Has contemporary school libraries; Provide computer labs to enhance students’ competence & grow their competiveness at international level; Offer first-rate child-centered syllabus, scholarships, reading programs, and extramural pursuits; Attracts and retains high-quality teachers; Forefront in the up to date teacher’s own learning for DIL and other organizations teachers; and process of gauging results & outcomes.

People in attendance Dr. Azra Raza, Congressman Al Green, and others, who share the thoughts why supporting educational efforts is critical to the success of our next generation. In addition, the audience was able to hear directly from Aasia, a former DIL teacher, and Abdullah, her son (a former DIL student), who flew in from Virginia to share their heartfelt story. It was topped off with great food, wonderful entertainment, and a whole lot of fun.

The organizers have requested that those who were not able to make it, it’s not too late to help by visiting www.DIL.Org Annual Assistance packages include $25/Child-Classroom-Furniture; $50/Child-Transportation; $80/Child-Education; $250/Teacher-Training; $1,500/Classroom; $2,000/Computer-Lab; $500/Child-Primary-Education/6-Years; and full-school sponsorship opportunity is available.