Finding Mates Made Easy for Muslims

By Nuran Alteir, In Focus News

Finding a spouse that meets your religious needs has never been easier since Marry Me Muslim launched in Nov. 2009.

Now you can look for potential spouses by answering simple questions, from personality to family life.

Founder Nabeel Khatri said he created the site because of his experiences when looking for a wife.

“In our culture, because we don’t date, we don’t really know much about the person we’re going to marry,” Khatri, a 33-year-old network engineer, said.

One of the things he learned from his first marriage was to ask more questions.

He is now married to his second wife after a divorce, which he said was because he didn’t ask enough questions. He met both his wife and his ex online, he said.
Mainly, the two groups of people who would join the site, and others like it, are those who are facing a divorce stigma and those who just can’t find someone they click with.

But Marry Me Muslim is open for all types of people looking for marriage.

One user, who wished to remain anonymous, said she heard about the site from Khatri’s wife and that her experience so far has been pleasant.

“I love how the site is set up,” she said. “It is different from some of the other matrimonial sites out there.”

She specifically liked how the answers matched users up. There are more than 100 questions that line users up with someone based on how many common answers two users have. When searching, users with the most in common with you will be at the top.

The user said she thinks matrimonial sites, in general, are great for people who don’t have a lot of “networking” in their community.

“Online, there are a lot of people you’re able to interact with, people you may not be able to find otherwise,” she said.

The site is devoted to single Muslims. Men who are already married are forewarned that if discovered, their account will be removed.

“As Muslims, we understand the nature of polygamy in Islam,” the page reads. “However, this site has been developed specifically for single Muslims interested in finding a marriage partner.”

Khatri said he heard of Muslim men looking for second wives on other matrimonial Web sites and didn’t want that kind of atmosphere on Marry Me Muslim.

Muslims, he said, should ask a lot of questions before saying “I do,” but what it comes down to is that they don’t.