Miriam Khan on way to Olympics

MiriamKhanEwing, NJ– Miriam KhaN is used to achieving her goals in a matter of seconds. Since graduating from The College of New Jersey, however, the path to her prized objective is not a sprint race, but rather a battle of endurance and will.

Khan, who was the 2010 NCAA Division III national champion in the 100-meter event, has been training all summer with a single finish line in mind: the 2012 Olympic Games. She is in the process of obtaining her dual citizenship from Italy and is vying to represent her mother’s native country in London next summer.

“My training has gradually increased since the end of June,” noted Khan, who battled pneumonia in May and June and is finally back to full strength. “My workouts have been very good and I finally ran a decent time (in Long Island).”

That ‘decent’ time was the second-fastest Khan has ever posted. She dashed to a finish of 11.74 seconds at the 2011 USA Long Island Track and Field Association Open Championships. She was just a blink off of her TCNJ record-time of 11.67 seconds, a mark Khan set while winning the national title in Berea, Ohio.

Khan is hoping is to attract sponsorships to help offset the cost of travel, training, and entry fees. Her plan is to compete in meets in Europe next summer prior to the Olympics.