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Tawheed Center Open House and Health Fair

By TMO Stringer

Tawheed Center, located in Farmington Hills-MI claims the huge success of their Open House on Sunday June 3rd.

Working in conjunction with the Henry Ford Health System and the Institute of Multi-cultural Health, we were able to provide free health care to approximately 130 people-many of whom did not have any health insurance and many of whom were non-Muslim. Services provided were many, including screening for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity to name a few.

15 physicians from our own community spent time counseling and answering patients’ questions.  Arrangements for a separate female section for our own Muslim ladies were also made.

A total of 47 ladies benefited from this.  The nurses from the Henry Ford Health System and non-Muslim volunteers had many wonderful comments regarding both the Health Fair and the Open House.  One nurses’ comments in regards to our youths’ poster presentation was “These kids are very sharp!”  Another nurse commented “I wish all the events that I attend are this well organized!”

We owe this success to all the people who were involved in organizing these two events for the past three months. We would like to extend a special thanks to the all the youth who helped in today’s event as well.  Without them, the excellent organization, presentations, tours, setup, disassembly, and controlling traffic flow would not have been possible.

Finally, the most gratifying moment of today’s event was when a Caucasian women took Shahadah!  May Allah (SWT) increase her imaan and help her become an excellent Muslim and stay on the right path.

This shows providing free health care and other social services based on humanity is a Dawah.

JazakAllah Khair to everyone again.


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