Teenage Girls in Chaos

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Teenage Girls in Chaos

By Elder George

I intended to follow up last week’s article on the Tyrant Mother Part Two with an article about the documentary The War on Boys, but certain events of more immediacy led me to postpone that article.

One of the events focused on the beating that six teenage girls gave another girl and filmed it and then posted it on Youtube. They knocked her unconscious in the process of beating her. Nice girls; maybe the victim needs kick boxing instruction or some other modern liberated activity to protect herself. The internet news focused on the right of Youtube to post the event. The moral issue received short shrift.

Another event referred to the activities of 13 year-old Melanie Bowers of Dallas, Texas whose school assignment required that she bring in a poster for or against some cause. Her poster read IF YOU LOVE OUR NATION STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

Melanie’s Latino classmates took issue with her poster and she reported that one of them put her in a chokehold and banged her against the brick walls of the school. She told her parents that as many as 20 students accosted her and she had scratch marks on her arms and face and a slightly swollen jaw. Three of the Latino students received immediate suspensions, pending further inquiry by the school. The system of justice concerning males and females in America is the presumption of male guilt if a female lodges a complaint.

Unfortunately for Melanie, a school surveillance camera caught her self-inflicting the wounds; the event that she reported had never occurred. She lied. Her mother later made an apology to the school.

As I sat at my desk on Sunday morning reflecting on these events and wondering if I should write about them in this week’s column, I received a call from a young woman explaining why she could not attend a meeting with others and myself. Her 12 year-old niece had committed suicide by hanging, while living with her unwed mother. That phone call caused me to make the decision to forgo my planned article and substitute this one.

These three events concerned the conduct of modern American girls raised free and independent of the natural patriarchal structure. They beat each other up, make false accusations against their peers, and commit suicide. They have psyches devoid of propriety and have no behavioral parameters. These conditions lead to chaos, and not infrequently this chaos leads to bodily harm or death.

The removal of male authority results in chaos, and in the case of human behavior it results in the decadent behavior of women, which precedes the collapse of society. When men lost heir authority in ancient Rome debauchery prevailed. The same occurred in ancient Greece and before that in Israel during the time of Jeremiah. In all cases the licentious behavior of women preceded the decline.

Masculine authority regarding ethics and morals has disappeared. The government has taken over the function of societal behavior and does not concern itself with considerations of right and wrong—in fact it forbids it—and instead governs behavior by what is legal and illegal; yardsticks devoid of the morality and ethics that proceed from spiritual considerations and the propagation and preservation of the species

We live in the advanced stage of societal decline.

Elder George’s website is www.mensaction.net and he can be reached at 212-874-7900 ext. 1329.


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