The Attack on Islam

By Elder George

My name is Elder George and I take this opportunity to introduce myself and thank The Muslim Observer for the privilege of writing for them and for the opportunity to share my views with you. Some of you might remember my columns in Muslims Weekly and their internet edition I had the good fortune to write for them for four years and also the opportunity to lecture at Mosques in the greater New York City area, to be interviewed on Radio Islam in Chicago, and on I am grateful for the overwhelming support that I received from the Muslim community for my message, and I hope that this support will continue as I share my views with you.

I believe family serves as the natural focal point of society and that the tribe or extended family is the natural societal grouping. Patriarchy—the authority of men—provides the structure that enables the development of the extended family. Patriarchy is family. Patriarchal societies have lasted for millennia, but societies that do no practice patriarchy continually experiment with different forms of government, none of which endure.

The pressure to break down the patriarchal structure of the Muslim world is intense and began as a result of the response of Muslim women to the goals of the International Conference on women held in Beijing, China in 1995. The two major objectives of the conference were to remove all references to gender and all references to God from society. The only factor that kept that conference from being a complete route of familial and religious values was the presence of Islamic women, who said they were pleased to be wives, mothers, and worshippers of God.

Shortly after this conference American intervention in the cultural life of Islamic nations increased. Mavis Leno, wife of late night host Jay Leno, became Chairperson of the Feminist Majority’s Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan. Publicity was given to Muslim writers such as Khalid Duran, whose writings attacked the very foundation of Islam. The United States set up a puppet government in Afghanistan that requires 20% of the governing body to be women. A similar quota has already been set up in Baghdad. Once patriarchy is destroyed, and gender differences eliminated, family will disappear, religion will become an empty ritual, and a strong socialist government will takeover (as we have here) as part of the overall plan to have a socialist one-world government.

Hillary Clinton attended the International Conference on women in Beijing, and supported its objectives. She is running for the office of President of the United States; the Republicans know of her involvement in that conference but are not using it as political ammunition because they too believe in its goals.

In future articles I will explain the spiritual basis of patriarchy and also show that Westernized governments have no understanding of this basis, with the result that their family structure has collapsed. The attack on you, your sons and daughters to adapt to the Western secular structure is intense. This attack is carried on in the classroom, socially, in the media, and in business. It is relentless. However, there are many in America, Europe, and other parts of the world who have begun to realize that society is imploding upon itself and recognize that the cause is gender oriented. They realize that to make change will require the participation of spiritually based people of various faiths, ethnicities, and races who understand the importance of family and are willing to do their utmost to restore it to the focal point of society.


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