The Continued Attack on Islam

By Elder George

During the past three weeks this column addressed the first three of what I consider to be the seven major issues affecting society. In preparing for this week’s article I felt that to continue addressing these issues uninterrupted for the next four weeks would place too much emphasis on negativity without illustrating its significance to society in general and the Muslim community in particular. Hopefully today’s column will explain the significance.

In my first article for TMO entitled The Attack on Islam I wrote:  

The pressure to break down the patriarchal structure of the Muslim world is intense and began as a result of the response of Muslim women to the goals of the International Conference on women held in Beijing, China in 1995. The two major objectives of the conference were to remove all references to gender and all references to God from society. The only factor that kept that conference from being a complete route of familial and religious values was the presence of Islamic women, who said they were pleased to be wives, mothers, and worshippers of God.
Shortly after this conference American intervention in the cultural life of Islamic nations increased.

This involvement in the cultural life of Islamic nations is an integral part of the efforts to destroy the Islamic culture, and only abates once the Western culture has taken root. There are no attacks on Algeria and Morocco because they have become Westernized. The fertility rate of both nations has dropped below the level necessary to sustain them. In all likelihood their rates of divorce have increased along with the prison population.

The attack on Islam is especially intense in the nations that Muslims migrate to. Upwards of 65% of the French prison population consists of Muslims. Throughout Europe the prison population of Muslims exceeds their percentage of the national population by about five to one. Muslims come from nations that have low rates of incarceration; why then do they fill the prisons in Western nations? 

Immigrant Muslims are removed from the patriarchal and religious culture of the lands they came from and thrust into a secular culture that they are unprepared to cope with. When patriarchy and religion are removed from a societal grouping the effect is that men go to prison, children become delinquent, and women become depressed. That’s why I wrote about those three issues. 

Part of the Western attack on the cultural life of Islam is a huge propaganda campaign pointing out injustices (whether real or imagined) among Muslim nations while blanketing the truth of what happens to Muslims who have been Westernized. Have you heard or read about the hundreds of thousands of Muslims rotting away in European prisons? Hardly. But if three honor killings occur in some remote area of Pakistan that makes for a top story in all of the Western controlled media. 

The West attacks all patriarchal and religious societies, even among itself; however, Islam represents the largest single block to the establishment of a one world genderless and godless society; therefore, the attack on Islam will continue. It will continue on the battlefields of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and in any area of the world deemed necessary. However, the big attack will focus on the cultural and religious way of life of Muslims throughout the world.

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