The Power of Words; Saying Goodbye to Imam Ahmed Elgabri

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The Power of Words; Saying Goodbye to Imam Ahmed Elgabri

By Noor H. Salem


Dr. Abdulhakeem AlBaadany from Texas spoke at the Islamic Center of Detroit Friday night family event as the crowded room became quiet fast. He spoke at the ICD over four years ago and was attracted greatly by the youth. When the youth tried bringing him once more they found out of his accident which made traveling difficult for him. It was a pleasure welcoming him back to the center after so many years. Over 70 people attended the event, and many eagerly asked questions at the end. The Power of Words was his topic, and his speech was truly a collection of powerful words. We all talk and talk and talk every hour of every day. His short speech was relatable to the old and young and was interesting entirely. He reminds us over and over again how the companions of the Prophet (s) tracked every word they spoke, and if they spoke ill they immediately recognized and repented. He mentioned how Sayyida Aisha (ra) pointed out that Maymona (ra) was short, and the Prophet (s) said that if that one word was put in all bodies of water on earth it would pollute it completely. That had people uttering in the audience. Could it be? How would the bodies of water be if our words were put in there?

He reminds us how every single one of us has a book, and every word, every sentence, every curse uttered is recorded. We can choose to fill the book with good, or bad. He went on to advise us to fill our tongues with remembrance of Allah and decrease the amount of movies and television watched, since hearing foul language over and over again can sit in our subconscious.

Friday night’s family event ended with the recognition of the mosque’s Imam Ahmed Elgabri who gave his farewell speech. Friday was his last day at the center as he plans to leave the state for good. The event was held to recognize him among all present, and coffee and sweets were then served.


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