The Return to Patriarchy

By Elder George

Self-propagation and preservation comprise the activity of the universe. The societal grouping that enables this activity consists of the male, female and their offspring, and the larger societal structure of similar species. Extended family or tribe is the natural gathering together of humankind just as the herd, flock, troop, school, and pride are for the animal world. Patriarchy—the natural gender relationship of the species—provides the structure for these groupings.

All customs, practices, mores, and rites have to do with the propagation and preservation of the species. Males provide the environment and means for females to bring forth life and nurture it. Mating rituals and cultural practices provide for the selection of mates that will produce offspring most likely survive, grow, and evolve into protectors and nurturers of the next generation.

The patriarchal societal structure develops a sense of cooperation, responsibility, and consideration of all members. It provides feelings of togetherness and belongingness, which in turn gives people a sense of security. It develops proper social behavior and the courtesies that enable a smooth inter-relationship with the larger social order.

People become attuned to nature and the delicate interdependence of all life. They evolve spiritually as they develop a sense of something that exists behind which they see. They begin to understand that chance or accident does not occur in the universe and that behind all occurrences there lies a cause. They begin to worship the underlying principle of all life and realize that it provides all that they see and experience.

The tribal structure provides material and emotional security along with spiritual growth and understanding. The tribe or family represents the natural universal patriarchal structure, which has survived for millennia. Great empires have come and gone, famine and drought have ravaged the lands, but in the end patriarchy always survives.

A scourge that originated in Europe and has spread westward now encompasses the world. It has a grossly materialistic psyche that believes in self-glorification and self-indulgence. It has no understanding of the delicate balance of nature, nor of the unseen force behind it. It has created government to supplant the natural patriarchal order. Marriage has declined and divorce and adultery have increased. The State has removed all manly authority and incarcerates men at a phenomenal rate. Children are neglected and raised by the State, and the aged are removed from society. Women are breaking down mentally, physically and emotionally due to the unnatural environment in which they function. Depression, mental illness, and a national angst have become the norm as society degenerates and implodes.

These conditions have been forecast by prophets in all lands and are known as the end of times, Armageddon, or the end of the age. The scourge will self-destruct as does everything that functions out of harmony with creation. When its influence passes a new era of traditional values will return.

Family will once again become the focus of societal activity and the propagation and preservation of the species will become the paramount concern of people. The obeisance to matters material will cease and the ubiquitous and all intrusive government will be gone. An understanding of the one God will increase as the new age unfolds.  

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