TMO Foundation Essay Contest

Essay Contest Rules:

Please visit the TMO Foundation website for more information and rules–the list printed here is not exhaustive and may be changed so please visit the website):  Essays must be submitted by July 8th.  Several prizes / scholarships will be awarded in each category to the best essays as selected by a panel of judges.  College winners:  First prize, $1,000; Second prize $750; Third prize, $500 (plus plaque and certificate).  Consolation prizes varying from $250 to $400.  High school winners:  First prize, $500; Second prize $350; Third prize $250.  Consolation prizes from $50 to $150.  Winners will be announced in late August and are asked to attend a gala awards banquet in Novi Michigan on September 22nd.  Attendance is not mandatory but is encouraged.  Awards will be presented to winners by Imam Siraj Wahhaj of New York insha`Allah.

This contest is open to high school students and college students studying journalism and communications, and anyone interested in being a professional writer.

Send your essay with your student ID, telephone number, email, and address to, cc to

Essay Subjects:

For High School Students:

1). Continuing the Glorious Legacy of American Muslim Heroes.

In American history there have been numerous Muslims who have made contributions in fields as diverse as social justice, sports, philanthropy, business, academia, etc. Reflect on the work of one of these heroes and explain how his/her legacy is relevant in today’s world.

2) How to live Islam, in a fast changing world.

Electronic Media has eliminated all borders, geographical, physical, social, philosophical or spiritual.
Ideas could be implanted and thought processes can be altered within minutes by individuals sitting at the far end of the world.

3) What institutions are most important to American Muslims? 

The majority of the American Muslim community either came to Islam recently or came to the United States recently.  Although they have grown masha`Allah to have many mosques and Islamic centers and several national organizations, what other institutions are most vital to our community?  For example, the Jewish community and many Christian communities have for example the YMCA or other young people’s organizations, or hospitals or retirement homes or other medical facilities–so what institutions do you perceive as vital to the community and why?  What evidence do you have from your personal experience or from what you read in the newspapers, or from what you have studied in school, gives support to your argument?

For College Students:

1. Social Media and Social Responsibility.

The world is going through unprecedented technological progress in information technology. The social media, especially, is impacting humanity in a multitude of ways. While this offers many benefits it also comes with its own set of problems. In this age of seemingly ‘unlimited freedom’ how do we achieve balance? What responsibilities do we have?

2. Overcoming Hate & Islamophobia.

Hate and Islamophobia are increasingly raising their head in many places. Often it is a result of ignorance. How can American Muslims overcome such hatred and change the things for better?

3.  Ways to combat negative stereotypes.

About Islam in the news media, specifically looking at how Sharia Law has evolved in the US media.

Legislation is pending in quite a few states to ban the “Foreign Law” designed to ban “Sharia law”. What are the ways you would recommend to overcome such a negative stereotyping?


Although the topics for high school students and college students are separate, you are welcome to write on any of the above topics.


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