Unique Event for Syria in Houston: More to Come: So Don’t Miss Them

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Unique Event for Syria in Houston: More to Come: So Don’t Miss Them

By Ilyas Choudry, TMO

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Right: Abdullah Elasmar: Lead Person of the Famous Lanterns for Syria Event. Left:  Dr. Malak Chabkoun: Emcee of the Event.

This past Sunday at the Houston Arab American Cultural & Community Center (ACC), an unique event was held to make special prayers for the innocent victims of the volatility in Syria, raise awareness about the humanitarian issues, and raise micro funds by involving common people of the community. An E-Mail has been received from one of the organizers of the event, which we will like to share:

We want to appreciate all those who came to our Syria Awareness Event. Thanks to our young team of volunteers, who did a phenomenal job, in putting together this event.

All those who came, saw several videos and power-points, on as to what is happening to humanity in Syria. You must have been inspired by the words of all speakers, including the two Emcees Malak Chabkoun & Ayub Hagi-Mohamed. Then Abdallah Bomouediene of LIFE, ILyas Hasan Choudry of Helping Hand USA, and our keynote speaker Shahir Raslan of Atlanta.

If you missed the event, InShaAllah stay tuned, as we will try our best to have more of these quite serene and somber events, plus maybe one bigger event. Contributions can still be made at: https://www.hhrd.org/ – Or you can call me at 1-832-275-0786.

People of several diversified communities were there, including Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Spanish, Turkish, African-American, and Middle Eastern. Event was simple and low expense, with refreshments served (no lavish food). Also fundraising was very informal, where you know in formal setting, someone stands in front of the people to ask from $10,000 to $5,000, to $2,500, and so on: That kind of fundraiser was not done: It was just closed envelope fundraiser and everyone was just encouraged to donate from $1 to as much as they can give. Idea with this kind of event is to bring communities together to first & foremost Pray for the humanity, and then get chance to give a little bit whatever they can, so that there are more & more Blessings.

Yes: Big patrons are always needed, but small donations are even as valuable as any other, as one never know if someone has given $50 how much hard-work that person may have done to have earned those $50: So making it a grassroots level educational, awareness, and fundraising effort was the idea behind this event.

By the Grace of God, this simple but unique event was able to raise $120,000+ for the humanity in dire needs.

May Allah SWT Bless you all, your families, and accept all of ours very small efforts for the humanity (Aameen).”


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