Wise Learning and Sports—Opens

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Wise Learning and Sports—Opens

By Ahmed Al-Hilali

IMG_0519[1]Knowledgeable, fun, and sporty are the words used to describe the new facility that just opened up on the corner of Ford Rd, and Telegraph Rd. Wise Learning & Sports is the name; Hassanain Rajabali is one of the founders of this program; as well as one of the instructors. It is an afterschool program designed to help your children through school, and even teach them MORE advanced techniques then schools to help them get through high school with ease. They offer Pick-up/ Drop-off, and even Karate lessons.  “This program is designed on a three-tier approach; Education, Spirituality, and Sports,” Mind, body, and spirit are the basics of this program. This program has been on his mind for many years, but he chose now of all times mainly because of the things our modern society has to offer: Drugs, gangs, etc. They also offer Sunday programs for Adults who want to learn Quran and Islamic Philosophy. The age group is 16+.

“Our instructors are very qualified to teach these students. Many of them are Majors in Math or Science, some are PhDs; there is even a Sheikh from Qum to teach students about Islam,” The main goal of Wise is to help your children learn and have fun in an Islamic environment. They want to find your talent and passion, and help you develop that talent so that you may pursue it later in your life. “That is the point, we want you to be able to graduate and go to good colleges and get good jobs so that you may live a good life,”


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