Zaman International’s 2nd Annual “Hope for Humanity” Gala

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Zaman International’s 2nd Annual “Hope for Humanity” Gala

By Adil James, MMNS

Dearborn–August 19–”These are turbulent waters–and we are the people who know how to swim in these waters.”

These were the words of veteran Detroit Free Press reporter David Crumm, who spoke last Sunday at the ICA, during Zaman International’s gala there.

Present were upwards of 250 guests, there to honor Zaman, to learn about and support its work, and to see the prominent speakers who had been brought for the occasion, including Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President Jawad Khaki, and of course Mr. Crumm, who received an award (the 2d Annual Hope for Humanity Award) that night and who is the recipient of several fairness in journalism awards from local Muslim organizations.

Mr. Khaki of Microsoft spoke at length on the virtues of multicultural acceptance and inclusion, criticizing those who spread intolerance and describing his essentially globalized life, born in Tanzania to parents from India, and educated in the UK.

Zaman organizers showed brief videos describing their work of helping the poor. The organization has several ongoing projects, including Bayt al-Zahra, which Zaman explains provides food and other necessities to more than 400 families.

Mr. Crumm also spoke on issues relating to mutual goodwill, and described his upcoming project after he leaves the Free Press, a “Read the Spirit” website which will have a spiritual focus.


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